Be Curly Shampoo


Be Curly Shampoo

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Gently cleanse your waves or curls—and define them while taming frizz and increasing shine. 

  • Wheat protein and organic aloe blend expands when hair is wet and retracts when dry to define curl or wave
  • A refreshing citrus aroma with certified organic lime, lemon, bergamot, orange and other pure plant and flower essences

Aloe Aloe barbadensis
Possessed of strong soothing properties, this desert succulent is a source of moisture. Favorites that contain aloe: Be Curly™ Curl EnhancerBe Curly™ ShampooSmooth Infusion™ ShampooSmooth Infusion™ Conditioner, and Smooth Infusion™ Style-Prep Smoother™.


Wheat Protein Triticum aestivum
Wheat protein is used to help protect hair from heat damage due to styling with blow dryers, irons, curling rods and other hot styling tools. The wheat protein blend is also used in our be curly™ shampoo/conditioner/style prep™ expands when hair is wet and retracts when hair is dry to enhance curl or wave.


Naturally Curly MUST HAVE!

" All I can say about the Be Curly Collection is that it's wonderful! I've spent most of my life hating my unruly, frizzy, naturally curly hair - until my hair dresser convinced me to try Aveda. I was hesitant at first because of the cost, but once I used it for a while, then tried something less expensive when my be curly ran out, I immediately saw the difference and decided the investment in good product was worth it. Years have gone by now, and I have more good hair days than bad, and get compliments on my curls all the time! (Plus, I've improved the cost aspect by purchasing the larger bottles and trying to only stock up during double point events.) Won't be going back and looking forward to racking up 50k points for the trip! It's going to happen eventually..."


The greatest of all

" This is my honest honest opinion. This is the BEST shampoo for curly hair. I have a black,long curly hair and I have tried all the other products but they did not help me , then I found out about Aveda and tried it. This shampoo gives a shine to your hair, makes your hair fuller, curlier, and very healthy looking. I love the product and I started to use all the products for curly hair afterwards, I always get compliments on my hair ever since I started using this shampoo. "